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Psychology often makes generalisations about people. Depending upon your point of
view this can be seen as a great strength of psychology or a weakness or probably
It is important that we recognise that there are as many differences between people
as there are similarities…

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Rosenhan did note that the experiences of the pseudo-patients could have differed
from that of real patients who did not have the comfort of knowing that the diagnosis
was false.
Perhaps Rosenhan was being too hard on psychiatric hospitals, especially when it is
important for them to play safe in…

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with multiple personality and therefore we have to ask whether this study is unique to
Eve or whether we can generalise it to other cases.
The close relationship between researcher and participant may introduce bias. For
example, in this case study, the moment that Eve Black appears can be seen…

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This study gives a great insight into gambling behaviour, however, it cannot be
generalized to other types of gambling such as horse racing, cards, dice, roulette,
internet gambling etc. Gambling is a serious social and personal problem; the insights
provided by this study have implications for the treatment of problem…


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