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Individual differences studies

Thigpen and Cleckly
Aim to provide an account of the psychotherapeutic treatment of a 25 year old woman who was
referred to Thigpen and Cleckly because of severe and blinding headaches.
Participant 25 year old female who was suffering from severe headaches and stated to have multiple…

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Individual differences studies

Participants 30 regular gamblers; 29males and 1female. 30 non-regular gamblers; 15males and
15females. They were all paid 3 pounds to gamble with and if they wanted they could carry on or stop
after 60 plays. Recruited via poster advertisements.
Method/procedure QUASI-EXPERIMENT
All the participants in were asked…

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Individual differences studies

The results also showed that regular gamblers made significantly more percentage irrational
verbalisations in just two of the categories ­ these were personifying the machine (e.g. `the machine
likes me') and referring to the `number system' (e.g. `I got a 2 there').
Non-regular gamblers made significantly more…

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Individual differences studies

that, they were honest about their healthy selves. After they were admitted, participants were to get
discharged on their own. They made notes while residing at the hospital and behaved normally. The
duration of their stay in the hospital varied from 7 to 52 days. When the…

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Individual differences studies

monitored and many of the toilets did not have doors. Some of the ward orderlies would be brutal to
patients in full view of other patients but would stop as soon as another staff member approached. This
indicated that staffs were credible witnesses but patients were not.…


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