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Individual differences in
independent behaviour
Locus of control-
Internal and External…read more

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What does locus of control mean?
Their behaviour caused by OWN decisions
Their behaviour caused by decisions of
OTHERS outside their control
Characteristics of internals:
Do not rely on opinions of others
More likely to be a leader
Can resist coercion by others…read more

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Research support
Internals assume they can cause
CHANGE in behaviour of others
Study-Anderson (1978) found those with
high internal LOC more likely to become
group leaders
Russian study (2001) Men more likely to
be INTERNAL ( want a challenge), women
more likely to be EXTERNAL(want
affiliation)…read more

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AO2 More research
Meta Analysis over last 40 years found
move towards more people being
Possible reasons:
Dramatic social change eg....
Rise in violent crime and divorce
Rise in mental health issues
These are beyond their control…read more

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Exam questions
1. Mike and Joe are both office workers.
Mike has a high internal LOC and Joe has
high external. They are told they MUST
pay £100 to join the union.Describe how
they each view their situations and what
they might do about it.…read more


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