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Jim Cole
Earthquake of magnitude 8.8-9.3 (USGS says 9.1)
Epicentre 256km off Banda Aceh, on Sumatra's west coast
Hypocentre depth of 30km below sea level (10km below seabed)
Rupture of the Sunda Megathrust fault (assumed dormant) over 1,300km long
Destructive boundary between Indo-Australian Plate subducting under Burma Plate at
Earthquake of 9.…read more

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Jim Cole
Widespread destruction of infrastructure was caused, including the destruction of
power transmission, and clean water and sewerage pipes. Roads were flooded or
destroyed (82%) making them impassable.…read more

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Jim Cole
Total of US$14 billion was provided in aid
Asian Development Bank handled money
US provided aircraft for Search & Rescue, surveying and transport of aid cargo such
as food, shelters and dry ice to preserve the dead
Corruption hampered aid efforts ­ Sri Lanka refused Israeli aid efforts
Military forces of the affected countries set up field hospitals, refugee camps and
GSK sponsored project sending 700 nurses to India
Concerns raised over the need for a global tsunami detection system, similar to…read more


Mr A Gibson

Facts, figures, information before, during and after the event. A succinct resource to help you with a case study.

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