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Indian Music Revision Notes
Almost any performance of Indian music will contain Melody (one or more
instrumentalists or singers), a drone, and rhythm (most often played on
The melody is usually accompanied by a drone.
The Drone: A continuous note sounded by the drone strings on the…

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Sitar is said to be one of the prime musical instruments of Indian music and the
most used of all the stringed instruments. It has been almost 700 years since
this music instrument was introduced to India.

Generally sitar is rested on the right shoulder with the…

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of strings:

Four main strings
Six rhythm and drone string
Fifteen sympathetic strings

All the strings are made from metal.



Sarangi is played with a bow and has
four main strings and as many as
forty resonant strings. It is
generally used to accompany singers…

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Both the drums have a large black spot their playing surfaces. Their primary
function is to bring about a bell-like resonance, which is one of the outstanding
characteristics of this percussion instrument.

The Tabla player must know the names of all the strokes; these are called bols

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Jhala: When the Tabla joins in, and the musicians improvise in both rhythm
and melody.

This is how 3 octaves would be written:

. . . . . . .
. . . . . . .

The tala is a repeating rhythm pattern usually played…


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