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In-depth Information on the Psychodynamic Explanation to Anorexia.
Psychosexual Stages
-If an individual has an incomplete stage they become fixated with it.
- In the oral stage you gain pleasure via the mouth. By not eating you control the ability to
complete the stage. This may happen if you were weaned off breast feeding early. You may
get pleasure from the libido by not eating, or by starving yourself have the death instinct
showing through.
-In the Anal Stage you gain pleasure via the bottom, and gain the ability to control you
faeces. When being potty trained you have the ability to control your environment, If this stage
was not successful, you may become over strict and have an anal personality, which can
explain the strict calorie counting.
-In the phallic stage the Oedipus and Electra complexes occur. This is where gender
differences begin. In the Electra complex, women envy the males power of the penis. An
individual may become anorexic in order to have a male like figure, as if they had a penis. It is
argues that as the Electra complex is not as strong, the Super Ego over develops. The
women may then have a more nagging sense of "you're not good enough, you must be
-The Latency stage nothing occurs to contribute to the development in anorexia. In the genital
stage puberty begins. Induviudals begin to grow up with signs of adulthood development
arising. By controlling puberty (e.g. the menstrual cycle) girls stop eating in order to prevent
periods. You want to return to a more baby like state and have adult responsibilities taken off
of you. Also in this stage you are much ore aware of your body changing.…read more

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In-depth Information on the Psychodynamic Explanation to Anorexia.
Defence Mechanisms
-In Denial, you suppress unconscious thoughts. This can explain why people don't go for
treatment as they deny there is anything wrong with their body weight.
-In Regression, if girls don't want to experience a womanly figure, they regress to a child like
state where decisions are made for them and they are protected.
-In Projection, issues of anxiety and depression are pushed onto your weight, so the
unconscious mind expresses itself in the form of anorexia.
-In Distortion, induviduals have a distorted perception of what their body looks like. Because
of this they loose weight to look like how they want to.
-In Repression, the unconscious expression of child hood trauma are expresses and
controlled via anorexia.…read more

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In-depth Information on the Psychodynamic Explanation to Anorexia.
-With Bulimia, the ID tells you to binge eat, but your EGO takes over and tells them to
stop and then throw up to get rid of the food, which is the completion of the super ego.
-The super ego tells you to worry about your weight. It compares yourself to others. This
is often linked to self esteem issues. A constant thought of "is this normal". This is
because the Electra complex is under developed, the super ego becomes over
!) EATING- the sex substitute and the oral fixation.
2) NOT EATING- the repression of sexual thoughts.
3) NOT EATING- prevents a women like figure.…read more


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