improvement of titration method

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Improvement of methods
During the preparation of the standard solution and titration methods for our experiment,
there were errors in the methods which were proven by calculating the % error for the
equipments used in the experiment.
These errors could be from the equipment used or from the individual who carried out the
experiment and can be in form of inaccurate readings and miscalculations.
The experiments can be improved through the following ways:
The burette: during a titration, it is important to make sure that the burette is clean
so that the particulates in the burette do not affect the titration. This can be done by
rinsing the burette with distilled water once or twice before pouring in the solution.
This will not affect the results, but will only aid it to be accurate. When the burette is
clean, you should know when water runs through the burette smoothly without
leaving droplets.
Funnel: After pouring in the solution in the burette, make sure that the funnel is
removed so that drops of solution do not get into the burette and thereby making
readings inaccurate.
Conical flask: the conical flask is also used in the titration, after titrating, before
using the conical flask again; make sure the flask is rinsed with distilled water to wash
away all the titrant so they don't react with the other solutions during the next
Titrant: during the titration, do not let in the titrant in rapidly. Try as much as
possible to go slow while letting the titrant in. This would reduce the likeliness of you
adding above the end point.

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Use of white tile: it is important to use a white tile during titration. This would help
you to see the end point of the titration. As well as increase the accuracy of the
End point: the end point of the titration is the first colour change during the
titration. Titrating more than this will affect the titration and therefore make it to be
less accurate.…read more

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Also, during the standard solution calculations, it is important to try to be as accurate as you
can and use a working calculator.
12%25252Fkyoto1.…read more


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