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Scout Finch (Jean Louise)
-Narrator of the story
-She is a tomboy, plays & fights with boys.
-Wears overalls & insists she will 'never be interested in clothes' when Alexandra tries to
make her wear dresses.
-As confident talking to adults as she is with children (e.g. Boo Radley when…

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Jem Finch (Jeremy Atticus)
-4 years older then Scout.

-Can be a bit of a rebel (lies, destroys Mrs Duboses's garden, refuses to go home outside the
-Grows up to be more like Atticus.
-Is proud of Atticus when he shoots the dog, also when he starts to understand…

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Atticus Finch
-Central character in To Kill a Mockingbird.

-Lawyer ­ studied at Montgomery. Haverfords (1st case, hanged) ­ profound distaste for it

-Helps with various legal problems (such as Cunningham's entailment) He cares for people accepting hickory
nuts of poorer people (not a lawyer for the money).

-Atticus does…

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Aunt Alexandra
-Fits right in to Maycomb (good host, gossips, others approve of her manners and morals).

-Thinks she knows best for the family.

-Tries to get rid of Calpurnia.

-Can be racist, this is shown through Francis repeating a few of the racist comments she

-Is a proud…

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Dill (Charles Baker Harris)
- 3 years older than Scout.
- Born in Meridian, Mississippi ­ Miss Rachel Haverfords nephew
-Proud he can read.
-Dresses strangely. He has duck-fluff hair, cowlick, blue linen shorts buttoned to his shirt,
and his blue eyes lighten and darken when he tells stories.

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-Is so upset at Tom's treatment in the court room that he has to leave.
-Can be young and naive, he claims you can get babies from a man on an island.

Tom Robinson
- Lives with wife and 3 children in a little settlement on the edge of town…

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- He doesn't seem to fuel the situation. Though he does lose faith in the justice system, which is
why he ran away from jail ­ climbing up the fence and being shot multiple times, resulting in
his death.


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