Importance of the Vihara

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The Role Of & Importance Of A Vihara In A Local Area
The Vihara is used as...
a communal place of worship, devotion and meditation
a focal point for the Sangha, enabling celebrations and fes-
tivals to take place there
a place to receive advice/counselling
a place to be taught
somewhere to retreat from the outside world
a place to learn meditation
a place to gain merit
a place to stay
it may act as an interest-free bank.
The Vihara is a multi-purposed building; it
It is also not just of benefit to Buddhists but can also benefit the local
has many purposes and functions
At the London Theravada Vihara the following activities are carried out:
classes on Buddhism
festival celebration.
There is also a library where books on Buddhism can be read and loaned.
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