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Fertile soils from volcanic eruptions; nutrients come from within volcanoes; so if need fertile soils
can be popular
In 200; 500 million people were at risk from volcanic hazards.
In the past 500 years 200,000 people have dies due to volcanic eruptions
Recently this figure runs at 1000 per year.…

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Primary casualties: people killed or injured by an earthquake or volcanic eruption. This might be through
buildings collapsing through being trapped in fast-moving lava, by poisonous gas or by fire. Casualties
tend to be much higher in LEDCs because of poor construction methods limited preparedness and less

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Fig 9.21 shows the decadal earthquake fatalities as % of global population. The trend has dropped and is
expected to drop. This is probably because of an improvement in technology and medical treatment.

The Park Model


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