Impacts of Retirement to Mediterranean Locations

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Retirement Flows to Mediterranean Locations
Economic effects to UK:
Healthcare costs are borne by the host country
Fewer older people to take care of meaning that less money needs to be spent
on building retirement homes,
Reduced dependency ratio
The grey pound is spent overseas
Loss of highly experienced workforce especially if people retire early.
Social effects to UK:
Less pressure on families to care for their elderly relatives
Family breakup as grandparents move away
Loss of potential childminders
May create a slight phobia of elderly people
Environmental effects to UK:
Relieves pressure to build new homes so means less pressure to build on
greenfield sites.
Political effects to UK:
There will be a changed view as the elderly people are no longer voting n

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Economic effects to Mediterranean:
Job creation in construction, retail and other services e.g. health.
More money spent on recreation and health care
More people are working as unpaid volunteers
House prices too high for local people.
Increased spending in the local economy
Social effects to Mediterranean:
More volunteers
More potential child minders
Local people can't afford housing
Water supplies may be strained in some semiarid areas
Other supplies are strained too e.g.…read more

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Largescale villa development has ruined much of the coastal landscape and
degraded biodiversity
Localised pollution has risen and flood risk rises as urban development occurs.
Political effects to Mediterranean:
Resentment as immigrants seek to enter local politics i.e. in San Fulgencio on
Costa Blanca, British and German expats set up own political party and stood in
the local elections, winning 21% of the votes and 3 local council seats.…read more


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