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The Impact of Flooding
Low-income country- Pakistan
1. Social
1.2m homes have been damaged or
There was a threat of disease outbreak
due to the unhygienic conditions in which
survivors were left. For example, the
crowded refugee camps, which many of
the survivors had to resort to. In addition…

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5. Urban
Many roads, bridges as well as the electricity grids have to be repaired however this
may enhance the economy in later years.
Flood protection measures have to also be inputted to prevent severe damage
when future floods strike.
6. Rural
Loss of harvest and cotton crop may affect…

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vaccinated against seasonal flu, swine flu and pneumococcal infections such as
meningitis and pneumonia.
The collapse of the Northside Bridge resulted in the death of Police Constable
Many schools closed temporarily and this disrupted the education of pupils especially
those studying for their GCSE's and A-Levels.

2. Economic

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Many farms suffered from livestock being drowned with carcasses deposited on
neighbouring farms and washed out at sea. Therefore the farming and agricultural
businesses were affected due to fallen stock.

7. Short Term
More than 500 people had to leave their homes and resort to relative's homes and
emergency community…


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