Impacts of flooding case studies

Case studies for Pakistan and Cumbria.

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The Impact of Flooding
Low-income country- Pakistan
1. Social
1.2m homes have been damaged or
There was a threat of disease outbreak
due to the unhygienic conditions in which
survivors were left. For example, the
crowded refugee camps, which many of
the survivors had to resort to. In addition to
the stagnant water, there was very little
sanitation available and therefore this led
to the spread of many water-borne
diseases, such as cholera and typhoid.
Many people suffered a loss of livelihood
due to the floodwaters inundating
available fertile land.
2. Economic
Pakistan has had to negotiate new lending terms with the IMF (International
Monetary Fund- Multi-lateral organisation) regarding the ongoing $11 billion loan
The IMF now estimates that economic growth will fall to 2% (or worse) of GDP this
year (2010), down from a predicted 4.5%.
A quarter of the cotton crop was washed away, and therefore this would lead to
losses of livelihood for much of the population living in rural areas. The agricultural
sector accounts for 21 percent of GDP and 45 percent of employment.
Due to losses of harvest, food inflation occurred.
3. Environmental
An estimated 23% of the year's harvest was washed away, leading to problems of
hunger and food inflation.
Pakistan's National Disaster Management Authority stated that 2.6 million acres of
cultivated land have been drowned. Rehabilitation of the areas affected was said to
take approximately 3 years, barring further floods.
4. Political
There were threats that the `Pakistani Taliban' used this as an opportunity to attack
foreign aid workers including those under the UN organisations. They felt that the US
had ulterior motives other than helping the flood victims.
Many aid organisations were reluctant to donate money due to a corrupt Pakistani
government, however instead help the flood victims directly by providing emergency
relief and providing long-term help.

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Many roads, bridges as well as the electricity grids have to be repaired however this
may enhance the economy in later years.
Flood protection measures have to also be inputted to prevent severe damage
when future floods strike.
6. Rural
Loss of harvest and cotton crop may affect the income of many families who work in
the agricultural sector.
In addition more than 200,000 livestock have drowned, again dramatically affecting
those working in the agricultural sector.
7.…read more

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The collapse of the Northside Bridge resulted in the death of Police Constable
Many schools closed temporarily and this disrupted the education of pupils especially
those studying for their GCSE's and A-Levels.
2. Economic
80% of businesses in Cockermouth were affected.…read more

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Many farms suffered from livestock being drowned with carcasses deposited on
neighbouring farms and washed out at sea. Therefore the farming and agricultural
businesses were affected due to fallen stock.
7. Short Term
More than 500 people had to leave their homes and resort to relative's homes and
emergency community bedding centres.
Over 200 people had to be rescued by emergency services.…read more


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