Impacts of a young population

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Impacts Of A Youthful Population
Social Economic Political
Positive New jobs are created as there is The baby boom babies offer the Government needs to provide
a demand for agespecific country the possibility of free or affordable education for
products like nappies, strollers, economic growth. children and young people so
baby milk etc. they can be more efficient
workers, when grown up.
Negative Lots of young people are Reducing spending on some Money has to be cut from other
migrating so many skilled activities like eating out in sectors in order to pay for
workers are being lost and family restaurants and in bars as that education for the increasing
bonds are being broken. money is spent on products for number of children.
Some parents may stop working the children. Benefits may need to be given to
as they cannot arrange less welloff families who cannot
childcare. pay for their own children.


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