impact of ict on society in general

impact of ict on

  • medicine
  • education
  • public safety
  • language change
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The impact of ICT on society in general
Developments in the medical sector are having dramatic effects on patient
treatment and administration.
ICT has helped to develop a range of treatments for a range of illnesses
Artificial or bionic limbs are being used that respond directly to the
patients nerve endings and are fixed to their body like a normal limb
Data about patients is now stored on large electronic databases, so now it is
more accessible to doctors.
If a person is injured and they are unable to tell the doctors there medical
history then this data can make sure they are given no drugs that they may
be allergic too, and this will increase the speed of treatment and recovery
Learning is now more interactive as teachers are able to prepare more
dynamic lessons using multimedia due to the use of smart boards that allow a
computer screen to be displayed to the rest of the class meaning, video,
presentations and other multimedia can be used.
Student data can be stored on a school database allowing teachers to track
their students' progress and record marks.
Students now have access to a larger source of information due to the
internet; they can use revision websites, video tutorials, podcasts and games
to help with their learning.
Public safety
Services such as the police and fire service have specialist equipment such
as CCTV cameras and heat sensing cameras.
Police use technology to help them catch criminals quicker. Face recognition
software is being used in towns and cities to identify criminal and then
track them down.
ANPR cameras are fitted to police cars and alert the police to cars with no
insurance or tax, as these cameras are connected to the national database.
National security
Technological advancements have occurred due to war. New planes that can
reach the sound barrier quickly and that can fly themselves have been
developed due to war.
There is talk of developing a new Concorde that can fly from England to
Australia in 30 minutes.

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Change in language
Due to internet chat rooms and texting new words are developing.
Some people think this needs to be stopped and children should be educated
better to stop this from happening.
But others say English has been developing for 100's of years and this is
just the next step in development.…read more


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