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The impact of ICT on individuals
Social networking is becoming even more popular and some of the most used
sites are facebook, twitter, myspace and bebo although other sites such as
YouTube allow people to communicate using social networking.
People use instant messaging to communicate with each other on sites such as
live messenger. Xbox live and Playstation messenger can also be seen as
instant messengers.
Video conferencing and voice over internet can be used to communicate on
sites like Skype.
There are concerns that the increasing use of ICT can have a negative
effect on the health of children in ways such as causing problems with
development of the brain in areas such as reading, lack of exercise and also
the worry over radio waves from mobile phones damaging the brain as a
child's skull isn't fully developed to stop these radio waves like an adults
skull is.
Stress is a big problem too that is increased by ICT. Now mobile phones
have access to the internet and email, people are constantly bombarded by
messages that they feel they must respond too. Before mobile phones when
the working day ended, it really ended but now even after employees have
gone home they still work via their phones and respond to messages 24/7.
ICT is changing the way people socialise with each other. Animal crossing, a
Nintendo game allows users to create their own virtual world, and some
people use this so much that they struggle to get out of this virtual world
they are in, resulting in a lack of face to face communication.
People are now turning to technology to help them with their travel
arrangements. More people than ever use sat-navs instead of maps to find
their way to places.
This can be positive in the sense that people are concentrating more on
driving than map reading which is safer. But also negative effects such as
fewer people know how to read a map and sometimes sat navs are inaccurate
and send down the wrong road.
ICT can be used to help people to book, train tickets or find bus timetable
General living
Able to solve problems such as forgetting to record a film or to lock the

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Some fridges can suggest recipes by looking at the contents of the fridge.
Some can also dispense ice cubes and will ask you if you want then crushed
or cubed. Some can also contact your supermarket to place an order.
Digital TV has been introduced to replace analogue TV this offers
advantages such as interactive TV. Red button TV allows user to interact
with adverts, choose different shows and select camera angles.…read more


Mr A Gibson

This is a good resource which makes you think about the impact on individuals rather than organisations. What, on a day-to-day basis is different because of the increasing use of ICT?

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