impact of ict- advantages and disadvantages of ict

the main advantages and disadvantages of ict

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Impact of ICT- advantages and disadvantages of ICT
Advantages Disadvantages
Computers are good at performing Digital divide- created as lots live in a
calculations as they follow precise rules digital world but many don't
such as always working out the
brackets first, so they are great at
performing repetitive tasks such as
generating utility bills
Can search through large quantities of Increase in demand- with wealth of
data at speed service and information available,
people want instant results
Con control devices in unpleasant Hardware limitations can slow
conditions such as those that are processes down
harmful to humans
Hardware often finds it hard to keep
up with our demands such as broadband
As we increase our communication
systems, we find we need more
bandwidth to do so, which is hard to
provide as we don't always have the
capacity and infrastructure to do so


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