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Impact of Games on
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Educational ­ Brain training, problem
solving, making decisions quickly
Meet new people whilst playing online
Can relieve stress ­ forget about real life
temporarily whilst playing the game
Have fun ­ Enjoy playing with
Employment ­ Experience with games
Improves hand-eye co-ordination
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Injuries ­ Blood clots, Arthritis
Addictions ­ Keen to finish the game/play
No social life ­ No time to socialise with
Peer pressure ­ To play a certain game
Spend money ­ Games are around £40 each
Influences real life ­ Encourages fighting,
swearing etc...
Cyber bullying ­ If you aren't very good at a
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Playing games online can expose people
to cyber-bullying.
They can be cyber-bullied because they
may not be very good at the game they
are playing.
The bully can also remain anonymous
whilst cyber-bullying someone.
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Game players can become addicted to the
They continue playing it for hours and
hours without a break until the complete a
certain level or the entire game.
They leave no time for actually
speaking/seeing friends.
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The average price for a newly released
game on a console such as Xbox 360 or
PlayStation 3 is £30 to £40.
The average price for a newly released
game on older consoles such as Nintendo
DS/Wii is £20 to £30.
The money spent on video games can be
spent on essentials
rather than a game.
Spending Money…read more

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