Impact of emancipation.

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Assess the impact of emancipation
Social group Positive Negative
Peasants Kulaks could increase size of Redemption payments,
estate and could produce although equal to feudal
surplus grain to boost dues, they caused
economy. resentment. They couldn't
comprehend financing land
which they regarded as their
Had the opportunity, if Possibility of being granted
astute enough, to buy extra less land than previously
land. owned.
Could pursue enterprise and Couldn't survive on allocated
had the exciting prospect of land when former props like
migrating to the city. common land and right to
graze cattle on pasture land
were removed.
The price of land could be
90% higher than actual value.
Reduced development as
peasants had less
purchasing power, which
didn't stimulate growth. Less
consumer demand.
Land was restricting (only
had 9 acres) which wasn't big
enough to develop new
methods of agriculture.
In more fertile regions there
was a fall in size of holdings
(subsistence farming
continuation). Less surplus
and rural population lived in
famine and poverty.
Peasants were in debt and
sold out to Kulaks.
Nobles Greater drive to improve Peasants couldn't make
economy. redemption payments, less
income for nobility.
Could produce surplus for Riots over redemption
export. payments.

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Compensation could get Nobles forced by
them out of debt. government to sell 1/3 of
Received best land and set Many remained bankrupt.
Alexander and government Gained support of serfs, Peasants lost trust of tsar,
less risk of rebellion, more paid landowners more than
loyalty. necessary.
Stimulated growth of rail Serfs still lacked freedom.
ways and transport through
money based economies.
Many migrated to city to Restricted travel of serfs
increase wealth through slowed economic
industry. development.…read more


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