A few brief notes on Immunology - scarce, but useful if you know what you're talking about =]

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Cellular Immune Response:
Macrophage ­ type of white blood cell
o Takes in pathogen
o Puts antigen on cell surface
It is now an antigenpresenting cell (APC)
o T Helper cell reacts with APC. Releases chemical interleukin 1.
o This is a cytokine
o I1 stimulates Th to release interleukin2
Stimulates growth of antigenspecific cytotoxic Tc cells (TKiller)
o Tc cells detect the antigen on the surface of infected body cells. Produces
perforin. Causes cell lysis.
o T memory cells are produced when exposed to antigen
Causes same immune response when reinfected
Antibodies deactivating pathogens:
Agglutination: clumps pathogens together. (Glue--sticky)
o Macrophages are able to easily recognise and destroy pathogen
Neutralisation: Antibodies stick to antigens on pathogen's cell membrane
o So the pathogen can't bond and go into host cells

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