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Antibiotics and Immunity
By Sam, Megan, Shehzaad…read more

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Drugs versus microorganisms
· Fleming discovered the
effect of the penicillin
· But Florey and Chain
started the mass
· Successful at first,
however some people are
allergic and some
pathogens are resistant.…read more

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Specificity of Antibiotics
· Broad spectrum- destroys a wide
range of bacteria eg amoxycyllin.
· Narrow spectrum- target one or
two specific pathogens eg
quinolone.…read more

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How do antibiotics work?
There are two types of antibiotics:
· Bacteriostatic- inhibits growth of
microbes; supports the
immune system.
· Bacteriocidal- think of
suicide.…read more

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This depends on:
· Concentration of the drug
· How easily the drug can reach tissue in
the body
· How the body gets rid of it
· Local pH
· Susceptibility of pathogen (sensitive,
moderately sensitive, resistant)…read more

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Healthcare acquired infections
· This is when a pathogen is
resistant to the antibiotic eg
MRSA; also known as a
· Methicillin no longer works
because there was a
mutation in S. aureus where
the bacteria could produce
penicillinase enzyme that
breaks the drug down.…read more

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