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If you believe in God and follow the ways of Christianity, you will
live again.

Jesus will come from heaven so that everyone will be
resurrected into a more powerful being like him.

How you're resurrected depends on how you live your life.

As a person dies, they'll stay dead…

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Good ­ heaven
Bad ­ hell

The Qur'an says that on the last day, the angel Israfa'il will
sound a trumpet and everything will end. The trumpet will sound
again and everyone will be raised from the dead. Everyone will
then wait on the plain of Arafat to be judged.…

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Christians believe:
when Jesus returns, we'll all be resurrected into powerful
beings like him
everyone will be resurrected at the end of the world/straight
away after judgement (instantaneous)
Catholics believe the soul is immortal and therefore cannot be

Muslims believe:
in resurrection of the body
everyone will be resurrected…

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soul = out true essence, the real us
body = vehicle so when it dies, soul is released and born again
into a completely different body person in another lifetime
how the following lives are depends on how they acted in their
previous life:
acted badly: suffer through many lifetimes…

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Buddhists believe in rebirth:
we live through a few lifetimes (like reincarnation)
we have an everchanging soul (the Anatta ­ not soul because
it changes) therefore you're different each time you're reborn
because each experience changes us a bit
our Anatta gets reborn into many different lifetimes, always
changing as…

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Evil: natural or manmade suffering
Immortality: the continuation of a life or a soul after death of a body
Dualism: body + soul =separate, together = you
Channelling: a person being able to communicate with spirits eg.,
Benny Hinn
Death: the end of a life, when the hearts stops beating…

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Seeing is believing: if one person/group of people see a spirit
or a ghost then they'll believe in afterlives
Supported by religion: religions teach about everyone having
some kind of afterlife which is supported byt the religiou books
Past lives: people can remember these so they'll be living in


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