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Revision notes on immobilising enzymes (biochemistry) for A2 Chemistry.

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Immobilising the Enzyme
Methods of immobilising
Absorb in insoluble material
o e.g. porous glass
Trap behind a partially permeable membrane
o Nylon
Form Covalent Bond onto a solid
o e.g. Nylon or Cellulose
Make into a gel
o e.g. Collogen
Saves having to separate the products from he enzyme
Can be ran continuously (doesn't stop)
Product removed immediately so no chance of `feedback' inhibition
possibly increases resistance of enzyme to thermal denaturation
From covalent bond ­ could change shape and reduce activity of enzyme
Industrial uses of Enzymes
1) Washing powders
o Lipase
o Protease
2) Immobilised enzymes
o Glucose isomerise
Glucose Frustose
o Protease and Baby food
Pre - digestion to make absorption easier
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