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#GermanLad…read more

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· Bases everything on reason
· Objective right and wrongs
· Do the right thing because its right, not on gut feelings
· Opposed moral relativism
· showed a disregard for consequentialism
· ALL ABOUT DUTY…read more

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Good will
· No outcome is inherently good
· Pleasure could result from evil acts
· Character traits e.g. intelligence cannot be good as they
could be used for evil
· He thought good will was the resolve to do ones duty
· Using reason we can work out our duties…read more

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Free will god and morality
· If we are pre determined we merely bounce around like
snooker balls
· We are not free, so morality doesn't exist
· Cannot prove we are free
· But we act morally
· So we must be free
· There must be a god, or morality makes no sense…read more

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· Don't follow pre determined laws
· We must follow some sort of laws
· Otherwise our actions are random ­ no purpose
· We must determine for ourselves what laws we follow…read more

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Categorical imperative
· - The categorical imperative helps us to know which actions
are obligatory and which are forbidden.
· Hypothetical imperatives are conditional
· "if I want X I ought to do Y
· Kant says these are not moral
· The only moral imperatives are unconditional
· "I ought to do Y"
· No reference to desires or needs…read more

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