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Cells, Molecules and Digestion
A simple plant cell has...
- Cell Wall for structure and support around the
- Cell Membrane controls what goes in and out
of the cell (on the inside of the cell wall)
- Nucleus controls the cell (in the cytoplasm)
- Cytoplasm does…

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They are chemicals made by cells
All chemical reactions in the body are controlled by enzymes
Enzymes are catalysts which speed up processes and reactions
They are very specific and can only affect one reaction
Enzymes work quicker when they are warm
They work best at the correct pH…

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2) The oesophagus contracts behind the food, which pushes it down. This is peristalsis.
It enters the stomach.
3) The stomach adds acid to kill bacteria. The stomach muscles also work to increase
the surface area. Slowly, it is let into the small intestine.
4) In the small intestine, maltase…


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