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Some sociologists e.g. secularisation theorists, argue that science has undermined religion by changing the
way we think and how we see the world.

Science has had a massive impact on society over the past few centuries ­ e.g. medicine, transport,
communications, technological development, work and leisure.…

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The CUDOS norms:

Functionalist Merton (1973) argues that science can only thrive with support from other institutions and
values. He argues:

Science first occurred in England as a result of values & attitudes created by the Protestant
Reformation, especially Puritanism (a form of capitalism).
Believed in the study of nature…

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Criticisms of Marxist views

The working class might accept the current economic system because they see it as the best deal they can

Karl Popper is also a strong critic of Marxist thought as he sees it as an ideology in itself. In particular he
argues it cannot be…


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