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Data consists of raw facts and figures from
analysing something and can come in forms of;
numbers, words, images or sounds. It can also be in
the form of; readings from sensors and survey facts.
From automatic Data are details that are meaningless because they
measurement if lack relevance. If you look at data, it is either no use
environmental quantities to you, or not in a form the you can use.
From the From a survey
results of an
Ways in
which data
can arise
From the output of a
From a management information
transaction system…read more

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Processing is in many forms. Sorting
Organising Performing
Calculations…read more

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Information comes
of data. People or
computers can find
patterns in data which
gives them information
and the information
enhances their
knowledge about the
Information is data which has
· Processed
· Converted to give it meaning
· Organised in some way.…read more

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