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By the end of this session, you
will know:
What an Operating System is.
The functions it performs.…read more

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Operating Systems
What is An OS is a set of programs that
controls how the hardware of a
it? computer works... It is the
means of communication
between the user and the
computer, deals with the loading
and running of application
programs and manages the
transfer of data and files to and
from the peripheral devices.…read more

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Operating Systems
The OS acts like a
User bridge between the
software and the
Applications Software hardware.
Users need
Operating System applications
software to carry
out tasks, the
software needs the
Computer Hardware operating system in
order to
communicate with
the hardware.…read more

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Operating Systems
Functions: · Accepts data from input
devices and transfers it to the
computer's memory.
· Makes sure any output is sent
to the correct output device.
· Manages the transfer of data
between the computer's
memory and backing storage
devices.…read more

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Operating Systems
Functions: · Allocates memory space to
programs and data.
· Loads applications software
into memory and controls the
running of them.
· Deals with any errors that
occur when a program is being
run and informs the user.…read more

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Operating Systems
Functions: · Provides a human computer
interface for the user
· Provides special facilities for
· Manages system security by
restricting access to prevent
unauthorised access to the
...So, the OS is quite important!…read more

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Mr A Gibson


THis would be great printed out or saved onto your mobile device. It covers the functions of an operating system in great detail and presents the information in a clear and easy to follow format - use to revise the subject from and then get someone to test you.

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