ICT in Textile Manufacturing

Here you will find information on the use of computers in Textile manufacturing. How ICT controls the making process and how designers use computers too.

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Computer systems and machinery
· Computers are used throughout the design and
making activities within companies
· Computer systems and machinery once in place
can increase efficiency, consistency and accuracy
in the making.
· Computers save time
· Modifications can be made easily at the click of a
· Production is closely monitored (for quality and
· Costs are reduced due to efficiency…read more

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Benefits of CAM
· Pattern designs and grading (making
different sizes) can be worked out using
· Lay plans are worked out using
computers ­ this ensures that the
pattern pieces are laid out close together
(the most effective and efficient way)
Reducing fabric wastage (good for the
environment_…read more

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Benefits of CAM continued..
· Digital printing can be sampled prior to a full
· Direct link to machines for seamless
products (knitted seamless garments)
· Knitted fabric designs can be altered quickly
and linked directly to the machine.
· In weaving designs sent from a PC to the
loom ­ computers control the weaving loom…read more

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Benefits of CAM continued..
· Sewing machines can be programmed to
perform tasks such as "Buttonholes" and
attaching pockets
· Labelling is done as part of the product
tracking through the production line
· The label of a product may also be
computerised.…read more

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Computers also assist with.....
· Monitoring quality
· Fabric warehousing/stock control
· Bar codes used in JIT (Just in Time)
· Production scheduling to monitor time
schedules and the flow process.…read more

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