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Computer Systems…read more

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Data & Information
Data is facts, values, scores and measurements which
have no meaning by themselves.
When data is processed by a computer system and
given meaning, it becomes information...
Data Information
180 My height is 180cm
Data + Meaning = Information…read more

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Computer Systems
There are three main types of computer system...
Information Systems which collect,
process and store data, e.g. banking
Control Systems which control
a piece of equipment, such as
the temperature in a greenhouse
or the arm of a robot.
Communication Systems which
transfer data between computers
and communication devices, e.g.
mobile phone systems.…read more

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Computer Systems
Computer systems are made up of hardware and
A computer system takes in data as input, processes
it in the CPU, and gives it back to the user as output.
(The Brain)
Whilst a computer system is processing data, it uses
primary memory or main memory (RAM).
A computer system also has backing store or
secondary memory to store data permanently. The
Hard Disk Drive…read more

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A Simple Computer Model
The simplest type of computer system is called an
open loop system...…read more

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Most computer systems use feedback.
Feedback is where information from the output
becomes part of the input.
Feedback enables a
system to adjust, e.g. a
central heating system.
The thermostat gives feedback
to the central heating system
to control the temperature.
A computer system that utilises feedback is called a
closed loop system.…read more

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