Ice on the land case studies

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Ice on the land ­ Case study (Chamonix)
Eastern France at the foot of Mont Blanc
5 million tourists each year
Used for winter sports and sightseeing
6 ski areas + Alpine museum
Economic Impacts Social Impacts Environmental Impacts
Tourist industry creates Types of jobs have A lot of traffic ­ more
jobs. 2500 people changed from farm pollution
work as seasonal labouring to jobs in A huge amount of
workers restaurants and hotels energy is used to run
Companies make a lot Tourist developments facilities. This increases
of money ­ ski lifts and e.g. ski slopes ­ carbon dioxide
rail transport (turnover increased risk of emissions, which
of 50million) avalanches ­ more increases global
deaths (1999 warming
avalanche killed 12
Tourism in the resort has to be carefully managed
Avalanche barriers around the resort
Avalanche awareness courses
Free public transport decreases traffic
Reducing energy use in hotels (solar panels)
Glacier ­ The Rhone Glacier (Retreating)
The Rhone Glacier is in the Swiss Alps
7.8km long
Global warming is the main cause of glacial retreat
Pictures, Monitoring data and Amount of melt water gives evidence of glacial retreat


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