IB Maths Studies SL Review Notes

Simple IB Maths Studies SL review notes with what symbols mean, when to use triangle equations, calculator work for TI-84(+) (Texas Instruments), logic definitions, etc.

It mainly consists of symbols that need to be memorised, a couple equations that are not in the booklet, and also how to achieve some answers from the calculator (specific to the TI-84 only).

Maths Studies is not a priority for most people, so I took the liberty to create this simple guide that hopefully will help you on your IB Exams for Maths.

I am a student, not a teacher.

If there are any suggestions to add to this general review, or someone would like a step-by-step for a topic under Maths Studies SL they do not understand, please message me.

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Math Studies
Remember to write out the whole number, from the calculator and not to round to 3 s.f. (unless stated
something else) until the end.
When to use:
SohCahToa: Only for right angle triangles
Sine Rule: Not for right angle triangles
o When given a side length to a corresponding angle, and one other side or angle
Cosine Rule: Not for right angle triangles
o When looking for a side: two sides and an angle in between
o When looking for an angle: three sides
Meaning Examples
N All natural, whole numbers, only positive, not including zero 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 134, 824
Z All integers, whole numbers, positive and/or negative 5, 4, 1, 0, 2, 4, 6
All real numbers, can be any number, negative or positive,
R 6.4358203948574, 5, 3, ¼
rational or irrational
All rational numbers. Numbers that can be put in a perfect ¼, 3, 54, ½, 9
fraction, or whole integers, can be negative or positive
Logic Symbols
¬ Negation
And, conjunction
Or, one or the other,
or both
Or, one or the other,
cannot be both
Therefore, thus
Logic Definitions
Using the example statement: If the orange is sweet, then I will eat it.
Converse: Switched backwards
o Ex: If I will eat it, then the orange is sweet
Inverse: Negation of both
o Ex: If the orange is NOT sweet, then I will NOT eat it
Contrapositive: Inverse + Converse, negation of both, and switched
o Ex: I will NOT eat it if the orange is NOT sweet.
Other Symbols
An element of
Not an element of
A subset of
Union, what both have together
Intersection, only what both have in common
Q1 Lower quartile
Q3 Upper Quartile
ox Standard Deviation
f'(x) F prime of x
May IB Exam 2013: Math Studies SL Exam
Afternoon on May 9th (Thursday)
Morning on May 10th (Friday)

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Math Studies
Formulas [Not in the booklet]
Shortcut of finding the f'(x):
Degrees of Freedom:
(row ­ 1) · (column 1)
What things mean
Ho: Null hypothesis. Just state that the two variables are INDEPENDENT OF EACH OTHER.
For x2test, if the pvalue is GREATER than the critical value, DO NOT reject the null hypothesis, if the pvalue is
LESS THAN or EQUAL to the critical value, REJECT the null hypothesis.…read more


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