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Review ­ characteristics & assumptions
`Ladder of Abstraction'
Components of quantitative research…read more

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`Ladder (or Pyramid) of Abstraction'
· Transforming general questions about
concepts into specific hypotheses
· Problem statements or research questions
· Variables that can be measured…read more

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Components of Quantitative
· Problem statement/Research question
· Variables
· Hypotheses
· Reliability
· Validity
· Levels of measurement
· Sampling
· Statistics…read more

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Problem Statement or
Research Question
· First step
· Usually in question form
· Clear and unambiguous
· Testable…read more

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· The `independent' and `dependent'
variables are in relationship with one
· Dependent variable (Y) ­ the variable of
most interest to the researcher
· Independent variable (X) ­ what influences
or determines changes in the dependent
variable…read more

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