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Causes Climatological Effects Social Short-term response
Heavy summer rainfall lasting for over a week No lives were lost, partly due to rapid response of 90% of economy dependents on tourism ­ some forced
Over 60mm of rainfall in 2hrs ­ 200mm fell in 5hrs the emergency services to shut down
Peak intensities were in excess of 30mm/hr (0.5mm Around 1000 residents and visitors are believed to Cost to insurance companies and premiums probably
p/m) have been affected in the devastating event rose
A very wet August meant that the ground was Only 1 reported casualty ­ a broken thumb Emergency services ­ 6 helicopters, 2 lifeboats called
already saturated People clung to rooftops and trees for safety as out; fire, police and ambulance services also involved.
Really tall convectional clouds ­ cumulonimbus torrential rain hit the area Included searching harbour and sunken cars
clouds 12192m (40,000ft) high 170 people were rescued and put in the village hall 150 air lifted to safety; many others evacuated
The remnants of Hurricane Alex 150 people had to be air lifter by helicopters from the Emergency centres opened in nearby villages
A hot day in August (16th 2004) top floors of their homes Sandbags put down
The storm was very localised
Causes Terrestrial Effects Economic Long-term response: methods of flood prevention
The ground was already saturated due to the Homes, businesses and cars belonging to more than Duke or Cornwall made large donations to fund and
precious two weeks of above average rainfall 1,000 people were swept away rebuild parts of Boscastle
The drainage basin has many steep slopes, and has Income from tourism was lost Clean up operation began within a few days
areas of impermeable state causing rapid surface There were vast numbers of subsequent insurance Repairs ­ aiming to be ready for tourist season (2005)
run-off claims Environmental agency ­ flood warning system and
The valency catchment area has narrow, steep sided Approximately 60 buildings were submerged by information
valleys and the area is small (20km2) floodwaters Control developments on flood plain
A very high ­ `spring' tide ­ made it difficult for water 58 properties were flooded, 4 of which were Investment in new ways or predicting heavy rainfall
to flow out to sea demolished including the visitor centre events on a small scale to produce better warnings
Small `flashy' catchments that funnel water into The church was filled with six feet of mud and water Council runs special advice days
rivers quickly. 23sqkm Telephone lines were down limiting communication
Causes Human Effects Environmental Location of event
Bridges acted as dams, debris such as tree trunks 20cm of mud debris was deposited in the streets Location: Boscastle, North Cornwell.
caught on them; water piled up until it burst and in homes Boscastle is in the North-East of Trevalga. And in the
through in a great wave Trees were uprooted and swept into peoples South-West of Forrabury
Many buildings & roads were positioned to close to gardens
the river Environmental damage to local wildlife habitats
Boscastle built beside the sea on a flood plain at the Sewers were damaged and blocked by silt causing
end of the narrow river valleys health issues
Boulders and trees swept through streets

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Deforestation of the hill slopes had occurred to make The mains water supply became contaminated ­ no
way for farming which led to increased surface drinking water
drainage and run-off Water travelled at an estimated 40mph through the
main street
Case study ­ flooding in a more economically developed country ­ Boscastle *See blue book for extra information…read more


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