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Russia &
Eastern Europe
1950-1956…read more

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One-party rule
1946 1948
1947…read more

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One-Party Rule in Eastern Europe
Only the Communist party permitted to exist, all
other parties banned.
Democratic freedoms (freedom of speech, freedom
of expression, etc) removed.
Strict Communist control of the mass media
No private enterprise.
Central planning of economy
A powerful political police, or secret police, set up to
ensure obedience.…read more

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1953 ­ Death of Stalin
Replaced by Khrushchev.
Khrushchev seeks to moderate
Stalin's totalitarianism.
"Secret Speech" February 1956
Khrushchev criticises Stalinism
Taken as a signal in Eastern Europe that the
Soviet Union will relax its grip.…read more

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The Hungarian Revolution
Growing unrest 1953-6 over:
Poor harvests
Inefficiency of central planning
1956 demonstrations against the government
following news of the "secret speech".
24th October General Strike called by workers
councils, demanding a return to democracy.
Hungarian Army refuses to help the Government.
Soviets allow appointment of more moderate
Hungarian Communist Leader (Imry Nagy)…read more

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The Hungarian Revolution
Strikes spread.
Towns taken over by
workers councils.
Violence against
Communists &
Secret Police.…read more

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