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What happened, When was it, and is it significant?

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Back ground
USSR liberated Hungary from the Nazi's
and kept it afterwards as a satellite state
It installed a puppet government, which
the Hungarian public hated it
The flag was also changed to have the
communist symbol (Hammer and sickle)
in it. Secret opposition began to emerge…read more

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Why Did an uprising occur?
An uprising happened because another
satellite country attempted to overthrown
the USSR from their country, Poland…read more

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Polish uprising 1956
A new leader put in by Khrushchev,
Gomulka the leader of Poland, he was very
unpopular, and caused riots from Oct 1956-
June 1957. which were against communist
and killed more than 100 people.
Khrushchev had a choice to make, 1) keep
his leader and support him OR get rid of
Gomulka for the defence minister (who had
been put in under Stalin's regime)
Chose option one, and had defence
minister arrested…read more

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So why did Hungary Uprise?
As Khrushchev was a new leader they
believed he would be nicer than their old
leader Stalin, as he mocked Stalin's
They saw what happened in Poland and
hated the control USSR had.…read more

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What Kind of rebellion was this?
It was a violent one
They overthrew the puppet government
and put in their democratic leader, Nagy
Sent out flyers
Had rebels etc…read more

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