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Humanistic Approach
All humans are essentially good and are
striving to reach their full psychological
potential…read more

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Hierarchy of needs ­ basic needs such as food,
shelter, love , self esteem need to be met before
one can self actualise.
If these needs are not met than atypical
disorders can arise…read more

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Hierarchy of Needs…read more

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Free will
Believe that humans have the free will to chose
their behaviour unlike behaviourists and
psychodynamic who believe behaviour is
determined by the environment and unconscious…read more

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Humans have a real self and ideal self and this
should be congruent i.e. similar or atypical
disorders can emerge.…read more

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Person centred therapy
Developed talk therapies which are non-
directive whereby the client simply talks about
their problems and the therapists listens and
affirms what they are saying.…read more

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