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Religion and Human Relationships
Islam…read more

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Roles of men and Women
· Traditionally women are expected to take care of the home and children, and men are to
support their wives " men are in charge of women"-Qur'an
· Men are expected to go to work and earn money for the family.
· Women too can get educated and get a job if their husbands agree
· Mother's have vey high status in Islam: Mohammad was asked who is most worthy of good
treatment and he replied "your mother".
· Decisions in a household should be made together by both husband and wife
· Men must attend Friday prayer at the mosque where as women do not have to attend the
mosque but if they do they must pray separate to men.…read more

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Sahih Bukhari- a book containing hadith
Marriage Hadith- sayings of Prophet Mohammad
Why is marriage encouraged? Shari'ah- guidance based on Islamic tradition
· Provides a secure environment for procreation
· Provides companionship "he created for you mates so you can find tranquillity in them"-Qur'an
· Sexual instincts must be directed towards someone specific "helps lower his gaze"- Sahih Bukhari
Choosing a partner
· Dating is thought to be unwise as it can encourage sex before marriage
· Parents tend to search for suitable partners (arranged marriage)
· Both partners must consent to marriage as nikkah is seen to be a secular contract
· Nikkah- contract to know what is expected of you within the marriage
· Mahr- paid to bride by groom
· Bride does not have to be present can send two witnesses on her behalf
· Readings from Qur'an
· Khutbah- speech made by imam
· Homosexuality is forbidden by the Shari'ah law…read more

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· Divorce is permitted as a last resort but it is advised to try and sort things out "of all the
lawful acts divorce is the most detestable to Allah"
· Reconciliation is extremely important especially if the couple have children
· The man must say "I divorce you" 3 times over a period of three months (to make sure
woman is not pregnant). This is known as talak.
· The woman can get a divorce in the same way (by talak) if it is written on her marriage
· Otherwise she has to apply to Shari'ah court (this is known as khul).
· After divorce they are both free to remarry…read more

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Sexual Relationships
· Sex is only to take place between a married couple as it is seen as gift, something special
that shouldn't be misused.
· Islam permits polygamy but does not encourage it. A man can have up to 4 wives at once
but must treat them equally.
· Couples to cohabit (live together outside of marriage) is frowned upon as it can encourage
sex outside of marriage.…read more

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· Qur'an encourages procreation, and contraception goes against the will of God as "he gives
to who he wills"
· Some Muslims believe that is the right for both to try for children, so both must agree to
use contraception.
Contraception is permitted if (in most countries)
· There is a threat to the mother's health
· A great chance of a child being born with disability
· If the family is too poor to raise a child
· Some Muslims believe that the availability of contraception makes it less important that sex
is kept within marriage.…read more


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