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Cerebral Hemispheres
· There are 2:
Left (controls right side of body)
Right (controls left side of body)
Lobes Function
Frontal Thinking
Higher brain functions
(decision making, reasoning, planning, and
consciousness of emotions)
Parietal Movement
Orientation, movement, calculation, sensation
and some types of memory and recognition
Temporal Hearing Brain Dominance Theory
Processes auditory information. (Now proven to be a myth)
Occipital Seeing Right More creative, and
Processes information from the eyes expressive
Left More logical and
analytical…read more

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· Lies below thalamus
· Contains thermoregulatory centre.
· Acts as an endocrine gland secreting hormones.
· Has exceptional blood supply
· Many receptors located in blood vessel walls which
supply it.
These receptors are highly sensitive which monitor:
· Temperature
· Glucose
· CO2
· Glucose
· Ionic conc of plasma…read more

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2nd largest part of the brain
Involved in coordinating muscles to allow precise
movements and control of balance and posture
Stores memories of learned movements and
practised skills.…read more

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Medulla Oblongata
Regulates body processes we don't consciously
control such as:
Heart Rate
Blood Pressure…read more


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