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What is water?
o f the
i s one tial
er n It is
Wat st esse quired u
mo ces re nts, ever sed for
b s tan s , pla ng like day us
u n e
h u ma a l l livi to w
clea ashing s
by a nd der n ,
a l s o r drin ing,
anim isms in . king
n e
orga surviv
m ula
fo r
i ca .
hem H2O
c is
Its…read more

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n b o dy is made Water is
T h e h u m a beneficia
% o f water many wa l in
up o f n e a rl y 70 ys howev
/days consumi er,
and a few hours large qua
ng water
without water c cause wa
ntities m
dehydrate the h intoxicat
d y co m p le te ly . Without ion
bo resulting
water, all living in death.
wouldn't surviv
80% of the earth's
surface is water.
1% of the earth's
97% of the earth' water is suitable
s water is oceans to drink
2% of the earth's
and seas
water is frozen
and therefore is
unusable…read more

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For the price of one cup of coffee (£1),
you can drink the equivalent of 1,000
litres of tap water.
roteins , no
, n o p
n t a i n s no fats r e no
a t e r c o h e re fo
y d r a t e s and t
calories…read more

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