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Internal and External
Influences…read more

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Definition of Human Resources
Targets the HR management hopes to achieve
by implementing HR strategies, so that the
business can achieve its corporate objectives.
HR is based on the principle that employees
are the most valuable asset of a firm and must
be managed to yield maximum efficiency and
productivity for the business. E.g. Lean
production techniques like TQM may be
brought in to increase the quality of the
production.…read more

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By setting HR objectives:
Detailed planning can occur, enabling
the company to be proactive in its
business environment rather than
This could give the organisation a
competitive advantage to ensure it
retains or increases market share.…read more

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Typical HR Objectives
Matching workforce skills to business needs
e.g. Technology industries involving the use of up-
to-date computer or I.T. programmes will require a
high skills workforce.
Matching workforce size to business needs
e.g. Manufacturing industry will require high levels
of manual labour due to high production levels.
Matching workforce location to business needs
e.g. A business that needs heavy raw materials will
locate near to their supplier in order to reduce
transport costs.…read more

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Minimising labour costs
e.g. Automating certain processes in the business leads to a
loss of manual labour due to machines being more
productive and efficient. This leads due to lower labour costs
due to reduced wages as well as reduced recruitment and
training costs.
Making full use of the workforce's potential
e.g. Achieving 100% capacity utilisation or a set CU level by the
business. This can be achieved by motivating the workforce
and using high quality capital equipment and raw materials.
Maintaining good employer-employee relations
e.g. Incentives for good performance ­ financial (bonus,
promotion), non financial (praise, delegation).
Reducing the amount of redundancies to prevent damaging the
businesses reputation as an employer.…read more

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External Influences on Human
Resource Objectives
1. State of Market/Economy
2. Competition
3. Government Policy/Legislation
4. Social and Demographic Factors
5. Technology…read more

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