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Catriona Ashley Miller

How was the succession altered on Edward's death?
Edward's illness

E's decline neither swift nor obvious/immediate threat to succession. He had been healthy child but
fell ill late Jan 1553 with chest infection/tuberculosis. Physicians warned PCo it was serious but by
April there were signs of improvement.…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

Key events in Mary's succession
Date Events concerning Northumberland's Events concerning Mary's position
6th July E died - death kept secret for 2 days.
8th July Lord Mayor of London, aldermen and
representatives of Merchant Adventurers
summoned to Greenwich to be informed
of E's death.…

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Catriona Ashley Miller

19th M's forces numbered 20,000 and had been
July bolstered by arrival of EoOxford.
In London almost all Council left Tower and
said they had fallen into error. People in
streets of capital celebrated accession of M.
DoSuffolk announced to daughter she was
no longer Q. M…


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