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Language Techniques
Colloquial / Rhetorical Contrasting Shock/dramatic Use personal
Chatty style questions ideas/images language pronouns
So... Have you I lost interest but If you don't This is our
Right... considered gained my life change, life will responsibility
Well... this? back be irreversible. as we drive
towards our
Emotive Play on the Short
Hyperbole/ Humour
Exaggeration language reader's guilt Sentences
You may even
The traffic is They are We are becoming You are in get a some
endless and weak and part of an idle control. hideous helmet
relentless frightened nation ­ It is simple. hair
unwilling to
List of three Imperatives ­
Use statistics Play on Repetition
command verbs
it doubled in I am happy and I
1 in 3
men, tripled Stop travelling am fat
72% Even children as
in women Look around at...
young as six
in children
Subject Quote an Anecdote/story Metaphors Similes
specific expert
lexis/punning One man/ I in the heart of like a wave of
Medical once... the city water
The abductees professionals
experienced say it is
some close "terrifying"
Expressions Blunt Premodification Modal verbs Conditionals
of doubt language
Dangerous climb Should/would/ If you try this
claimed that We need to could/may/might then your life
may possibly change and will improve
Luckily, Year 9 were well behaved.
Expectedly, Year 9 were...
Helpless children
Delightful children

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Language Techniques
Hyperbole/ Rhetorical Use Shock/dramatic Anecdote/story
exaggeration questions contrasting language
Emotive Colloquial / Figures of
Play on the Humour
reader's guilt language Chatty style speech
Similes Imperatives ­
Use statistics Play on Repetition
command sympathy
Short Quote an Metaphors List of three
Use personal
Sentences expert pronouns
Colloquial / Humour Use Metaphors Figures of
Chatty style contrasting speech
Emotive Anecdote/story Short
Quote an Rhetorical
expert language Sentences questions
List of three Imperatives ­
Use statistics Play on Shock/dramati
command sympathy c…read more

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Language Techniques
Emotive Anecdote/story Use personal
Quote an Use statistics
expert language pronouns
List of three Play on
Hyperbole/ Metaphors Shock/dramati
exaggeration sympathy c language
Short Rhetorical Repetition Humour
Play on the
Sentences questions reader's guilt…read more


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