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Language Techniques

Colloquial / Rhetorical Contrasting Shock/dramatic Use personal
Chatty style questions ideas/images language pronouns

So... Have you I lost interest but If you don't This is our
Right... considered gained my life change, life will responsibility
Well... this? back be irreversible. as we drive
towards our

Emotive Play…

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Language Techniques

Hyperbole/ Rhetorical Use Shock/dramatic Anecdote/story
exaggeration questions contrasting language

Emotive Colloquial / Figures of

Play on the Humour
reader's guilt language Chatty style speech

Similes Imperatives ­

Use statistics Play on Repetition
command sympathy

Short Quote an Metaphors List of three

Use personal
Sentences expert pronouns…

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Language Techniques

Emotive Anecdote/story Use personal

Quote an Use statistics
expert language pronouns

List of three Play on

Hyperbole/ Metaphors Shock/dramati
exaggeration sympathy c language

Short Rhetorical Repetition Humour

Play on the
Sentences questions reader's guilt


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