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How To Write A Science Investigation
It is very important that your investigation includes all of the 7 headings
below. Use this guide as a checklist to make sure that you have covered
1. Prediction
Write down what you think will happen
(Can you use a mathematical expression to predict the outcome of this
Use scientific knowledge to explain why you have made your prediction.
(It always helps to use diagrams and maybe even graphs to help explain
what you are saying)
2. Equipment List
Simply a list of everything you need!
(Make sure you include every single item!)
3. Method
Write down, step-by-step, how to do the experiment
(If it helps, you can draw a diagram to explain the method but you must
try and explain using words too!)
Don't forget to mention safety
(What precautions will you take?)
4. Fair Test
Write down what variables you will keep the same and what variables
you will change
(You will get higher marks if you use scientific knowledge to explain why
it's important to control each variable)
PRELILMINARY WORK ­ If you did some work before you started the main experiment you
can evaluate this and attach it to the back of your report. Ask your teacher for help here.
5. Results
The Table:
Write your results neatly in a table
Give the table a title
All columns of the table should have clear headings and units of

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If you carry out calculations don't forget to show your working.
The Graph:
Draw a suitable graph/chart using graph paper.
(Make sure it takes up at least half a side of A4 paper)
Give the graph/chart a title and label axis remembering not to
forget units
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