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How to sell slaves
By Lee Lambert…read more

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Ways to sell:
The first way you can sell your slaves is by
taking them to an "Auction".
Auction's are open to the public, and people
put there hand up to bid for what they
Your slaves will be lined up on stage, and
people will bid for each slave. Once
everyone has bidded, the slave who is up
for auction will then be sold to the highest
bidder.…read more

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Ways to sell:
Private Treaty
The second way you can sell your slaves is
by a "private treaty".
A private treaty is a private agreement in
which you can sell your slaves. You show
your healthiest slaves to middlemen, and
they decide whether they will buy the slave
or not.
They then will order the slave to be
delivered to them directly if they buy the
slave.…read more

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Ways to sell:
The third and final way you can sell your
slaves is by a "Scramble".
You would put your slaves into a yard, and
buyers will basically grab the one they
On a signal (which is usually a drum beat)
the buyers will rush into the yard where
your slaves are kept, and they will choose
the one they like best. The slaves not
chosen are then known as "refuse" slaves.…read more

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Preparation of slaves
You need to prepare your slaves so they can sell
for the highest possible price.
Here are some things you can do to make your
slave look well and healthy:
· Palm oil- to make your slaves skin shine to make
the skin look clean
· Cloth them- to make your slaves look clean and
· Wash them- to make your slaves look and smell
clean and healthy
· Use dye- to get rid of all the scars, cuts and
bruises the slaves have on there bodies caused
by whipping and shooting.…read more


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