How to answer the report question in the DME

An outline of what to include in your report question on the DME (the final question, worth 12 marks).

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How to answer the report question in the Avery Hill DME
Q. What do you get if you mix a rhino and a hippo?
A. A rippo!
1. Read
· The previous sections
· The resources in the resource booklet, including ones you haven't used.
2. Introduction
· 'I am going to produce a plan to...[manage the rainforest]'
· Mention sustainable development
'I will choose a plan which is sustainable. This means...'
· Say you will consider a range of people's views, eg. government, local
people etc.
3. Plans
· Describe hopefully 3 or 4 plans
· You may be given some plans to use
· It is better to consider more plans but in less detail than fewer plans in greater
4. Pros and cons
· Give the pros and cons of each plan
· Which is best for different groups of people?
· Which is most sustainable?
· Which has the best social/environmental/economic impact?
· Which is the best long/short-term plan?
5. Overall choice
· Which plan have you chosen?
· Why is it better than the others?
· Link back to introduction


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