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A662, A663, A664: writing passage-based essay questions

This process may need adapting for some passages and you won't necessarily follow it to the letter in every
essay you write; nevertheless, it does give you a very clear framework for answering the passage-based
questions in A662, A663 and on the novel…

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Writing body paragraphs
You should aim to write at least 3 body paragraphs (one on each episode). However, you might choose to
write 2 paragraphs on some of the episodes, if you have time. You should aim to work through the passage
in a chronological order. You should aim to…

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Every paragraph must have at least one quotation.
Some paragraph structures will be: what ­ quote ­ how ­ why ­ link ­ quote ­ how ­ why.
If you read your topic sentences one after the other they should summarize the key narrative
moments of the passage.



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