How to answer ALL source questions for GCSE History.

A guide for OCR PAPER TWO SOURCE QUESTIONS. This will explain to you exactly how to answer the source questions given. Hope it helps!

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Question Type How to spot Structure Example
these questions.
Inference What does this 1. Give three This suggests
source suggest? inferences. Fleming was
What does this hardworking... This
source reveal? is because it
What impression source A says...
does the source
Context How typical is this 1. What the I am not surprised
source? source by source C. I know
Are you surprised by suggests. that... source C says
this source? 2. Two examples that..
Source C also fits in
that you are
with source B..
Cross However, I am
reference surprised by source
with another C as it says that...
source Source F backs this
3. Two examples up by saying...
that you are
not surprised.
Cross reference with
another source.
Evaluation How useful is this Two sided answer. The source shows
source? 1. Yes it is useful. that... this
­what does suggests...this also
the source fits in with
reveal? source...this is
useful because...
-nature, origin,
However this isn't
-Cross useful because it
reference. does not show... this
is also not useful as
the author of this
2. No it isn't source
useful. was...suggesting it
-what doesn't was slightly biased...
the source

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Proof Does this source Inference This source does
prove that? Two sided answer. not prove Fleming
First half: back up the deserved the credit
source with other as it
sources/ own says...suggesting
knowledge. that...
Second half: The source also
Challenge the source says...this gives an
with other impression that...
knowledge. However, source G
that Fleming does
deserve the credit...
Motive Why does this 1. Summarise Source G says
source say that...? content of that...this
the source. shows...this
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Bonus marks for
considering the
reliability of source.…read more


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