How To Add Fractions (With different denominators)

This word document includes how to add fractions. Trust me it can be quite tricky (I am predicted an A*) Also when using fractions and algebra it can come quite handy...

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How To Add Fractions
Adding fractions with different denominators (Number on the bottom) can
be tricky. Here's how to do it:
This formula may look strange but it makes sense.
For example if you had;
2/3 + 1/4
You couldn't just add the numerator (Top Number) because they have
different denominators. You have to find the COMMON DENOMINATOR.
This is very easy just follow the formula and multiply b x d in this case it
would be 3 x 4 = 12
However, because you have changed the denominators, you have to change
the numerators in the same way.
So in this case you would multiply a x d (2 x 4) which gives 8.
Then you would multiply b x c (3 x 1) which gives 3.
Finally you add them together to get 11. And you put the common
denominator under it.
1) Multiply two denominators to get common denominator.
2) Multiply a x d
3) Multiply b x c
4) Add them together to give numerator.
5) Write it as a fraction
Worked Question
1) What is 3/5 + 1/9?
-First write the formula from memory:

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