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Sumaiyah Siddique

How is the ultrastructure of different cells related to their functions?

Each cell in existence has different structures that aid them in functioning efficiently. Cell
structure can be defined as the components a cell has which help it to perform its different functions.
The relation between ultrastructure of…

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Sumaiyah Siddique

impulse to travel. Also if there were no synapses the impulses may travel the wrong way sending the
message back instead of forwards. For instance if someone was to burn their hand a message would
be sent quickly to remove the hand from the hot item to prevent…

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Sumaiyah Siddique

The ultrastructure of cells allows them to carry out their functions efficiently. If all cells were
the same no organism would be able to survive as the cells would be incompetent and would be
unable to carry out any of their functions properly.


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