How Substances Travel in and Out

Word document (mac supported), illustrating how substances are exchanged, the meaning of these words, where it happens, adaptations etc.

Also a page on how cells can burst, or shrivel when too much substance flows into/out of them.

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What substances How is a high surface area How is How is
are exchanged? created? concentratio distanced to
n gradient diffuse
maintained? minimized?
Alveoli in Oxygen to the Covers the lungs, air sacs Very rich Very thin
the lungs blood remove are kept close together, the blood supply, walls.
carbon dioxide. vast amount of them. moist
"Diffusion" surfaces,

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Villi [in small intestine] Incredibly small strands ­ Very good Each tiny
food molecules each villi is covered with blood supply blood vessel
moves from the thousands of microvilli. to assist supplies
inside of the small quick each villi,
intestine to the absorption - they have a
blood by diffusion food very rich
and active constantly blood
transport. being pushed supply.
Leaves Plants need Broad shape, flat, and thin Very thin
carbon dioxide and shape.…read more

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Insect Oxygen and Tracheoles have a very Can open
tracheole carbon dioxide for large surface area, when it needs
s their respiratory a lot of
system. oxygen, and
closes when
it doesn't.
Very moist
and and air is
pumped into
Roots Active transport The cells on the surface of
allows root hairs plant roots grow into long
to take in "hairs" which stick out into
minerals. the soil.…read more

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